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 This company in the welding structural element aspect, has the very strong specialization, simultaneously also may make each product according to the customer different request design

 The customer is supreme, prestige first

 We obtained the customer approval and the high praise, the continual several years are evaluated the outstanding supplier
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   The company is located in the beautiful taihu lake, wuxi, in seismic ze road wuxi economic development zone, covering 40 acres of state-owned land, brand new factory 13000 M2, the office area more than 1000 M2. The company after 20 years of operation and development, has accumulated certain scale, mainly produces all kinds of domestic and foreign famous generator, high-voltage electromotor, explosion-proof electric motor, permanent magnet motor etc metal structure and related accessories, formed from the welding heat treatment -- -- - gold processing - spray watts fg one-stop production and processing system, obtained the general customers approval and favorable comment, successive years is evaluated the outstanding supplier.
Our company has strong finish machining ability, long for transformer, metallurgical manufacturing, chemical equipment injection machine, engineering machinery, heavy automotive industries supporting the processing various parts, in mechanical processing field has a strong professional.
Our company developed high-power high-pressure seawater, fresh water load ponds and dry type load, in domestic civil, Marine, military diesel generating sets experiments has been widely applied in inside, have absolute leading role.
This company specialized production of special equipment such as: large generator obtained national patent, boring machine base within the keyway plane, pull-down 200T stator compressor, stator core buckles, machine, Φ 1300 horizontal flat round machine leak alarm become motor manufacturing industry in special equipment.
Our company is the collection scientific research, development, production, sales in the integration of heat-treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises have numerous furnace industry elite, professional design, manufacture all kinds of roller type mesh belt furnace, muff type mesh belt furnace, 500-1250 door picture even back line, gas reheating furnace and heat-treatment equipment GaoWenLu etc.
In 2004, we made itself import and export licenses, product distribution in the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and so on many countries, with domestic trade, foreign trade enterprise cooperation process accumulated the rich management experience, has a good management system, and through the quality system authentication.
Warmly welcome enterprises from home and abroad to visit and cooperate, win-win.
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